Swims_from aboveWith the rainy fall and winter weather on its way, sporting a pair of stylish galoshes is definitely a must. Forget the rubbery duck feet your grandfather used to wear, these SWIMS Galoshes are hip and made to fit any personality, and any sized foot.

Made of durable and comfortable rubber, SWIMS are a great addition to any city slicker’s wardrobe. Why risk your patent leathers in the rain or snow when you can easily slip on a pair of galoshes to keep your feet and footwear dry and clean?

Swims-great for bikingswims-close-up_heel

Just as we said before, your grandfather used to wear them, your dad probably wore them and now you’re wearing them, so there’s a good chance your son will grow up to wear them too. Galoshes have always been useful and now they’re trendy as well. Available in a multitude of colours, these galoshes will last for quite some time.

Let’s be honest, galoshes are not something you would pick out as a fashion-forward accessory. However, once they’re protecting your brand-new Converse sneakers or your coveted Allen Edmonds leather dress shoes they’ll easily become one of your most treasured possessions. You can’t resist an accessory that blends seamlessly into an outfit or  adds a touch of pizzazz!

Pop in to Scrivener’s and slip a pair on!  Available in the Classic (available in 5 colours), the George chukka (what we like to call the GO Train boot – great for commuters!), the Mobster and the Lace Loafer for vacation travel and summer wear.