Sunwill - See and feel the difference

Since 1963, Denmark based Sunwill prides itself on manufacturing trousers with
just the right details, the perfect fit and the highest quality with no compromises.

About Sunwill

Sunwill was established in 1963 as an exclusive tailor.  Twenty six years later, the company was acquired by F. Engel K/S. Since 1927, F. Engel K/S has produced work wear. After the acquisition of Sunwill, it was decided that the brand should continue and so in 1995 all of Sunwill’s activities were gathered together with the company’s other activities in Haderslev in Denmark, where there had previously been a separate tailor’s workshop for the manufacture of men’s trousers. The name Sunwill became part of F. Engel K/S’s brand portfolio and continued as an independent trademark.

The old traditions now go hand in hand with new ones and the personal commitment to manufacturing and service has not diminished over the years.

Their collections still continue to reflect the old traditions. Whether you opt for a pair of classic trousers for formal use or a pair of trousers that match your relaxed look, you will experience the eye for detail and commitment to high quality. They are constantly developing their products and adding new details, all the while staying focused on their goal: to create trousers with the perfect fit for the quality-conscious man.