Prossimo by Jack Victor is a modern and individualistic expression of
tailored clothing, informed by current trends and advances in fabrics and construction.
Jack Victor has been manufacturing men’s tailored clothing in Montreal for over
100 years using exclusive fabrics from some of Northern Italy’s finest mills.

Jack Victor Limited’s evolution into a leading North American manufacturer for men’s
tailored clothing started in 1913, the year the company was founded. Today the enterprise
remains a family-owned business with Alan Victor, CEO, the third generation, following in
the footsteps of his father Herschel and his grandfather Jack.

Since its inception, the company has been inspired by the
original values of Jack Victor:
to excel at product quality and
customer service, to provide fashion and superior value, and
maintain the highest standards of integrity.

Designed and produced exclusively in Montreal, Canada,
Jack Victor products incorporate the very best fabrics and materials.