From left to right:

  • Mans – Knitted zip jacket in wool blend.
  • Stellar – 1/4 Zipper 100% extra fine merino wool.
  • Peder – Knitted jacket with a two-way metal zipper. Elastic bounded edges will stay in place when you are active

Holebrook Sustainability

From the very start one of our main focuses has been to make sure that our products have a very small impact on the environment. When we first started Holebrook, some twenty years ago, we had our own factory in Gällstad, a small place 20 km outside Ulricehamn where all our jumpers were made. In 2004 all the production, along with all our machines, were moved to Lithuania where a small family run company, not much different from ours, took over the actual production. Our sustainable work falls under three categories; Sustainable materials, ‘Slow Fashion’ and responsible manufacturing. These are the three main pillars that permeate our entire business.