Good Man Brand Polo

When you look good and feel good, you’re ready to focus on more important things: Living life, working hard, helping others.
The goal at Good Man is to create clothes that bring out the best in you.
They want to inspire people everywhere to do good. For each item you purchase, they will donate $3 to
the Why Not You Foundation, which tackles big issues like childhood cancer, world hunger, and domestic violence.
We feel that our selection of polos and sneakers will
have you looking good and feeling great!

Good Man Brand Sneakers
Russell Wilson

The Why Not You Foundation was launched in 2014 by Russell Wilson and is dedicated to creating real and lasting change in the world by motivating, empowering and preparing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.

As a child, Russell’s father challenged him to approach life with a “why not you” attitude. Through the Why Not You Foundation, Russell intends to share that attitude by encouraging and challenging today’s youth to embrace opportunities, overcome obstacles and make a positive impact throughout their lives.