How To Wear A Hoodie


Originally created in the 1930’s, the hoodie was designed to keep athletes warm and dry in nasty weather. Since then, it has been adopted by skaters, snowboarders and hip hop culture.
Guess what? Thanks to designers, the hoodie has now become a fashion trend! There is no better example of this than our selection of hoodies from Good Man Brand. These will make you look sharp rather than sloppy.
We have styled three ways to wear the Good Man Brand hoodie.

Good Man Brand logo

Under A
Leather Jacket

A leather jacket and hoodie
combination is a great pairing that
works well season after season.

Good Man Brand Hoodie under a leather jacket.
The layered look

As Part Of
A Layered Look

When used as part of a
layered look, a hoodie can be unassuming but effective.

With A

If you are wearing a hoodie with a blazer, put on a great pair of jeans for the perfect match!

Good Man Brand hoodie with a Blazer